Sunday, March 2, 2014

Questions with.. Answers!!

In this blog i'll be answering some required questions regarding the 20 time project that I have been working on.  So if you're aren't my English teacher then I personally wouldn't read what I have to say. 

What have you liked most/least about 20 Time?
     Thus far, my favorite part of the 20 time project has been that it has been an excuse to take the initiative. What I mean by this is that is when we picked an idea to revolve our blogs around in the beginning of the school year, we were encouraged to try something new that we have always wanted to try.  For example, I had always wanted to try out making YouTube videos and this project was the perfect excuse to finally take the initiative and give it a shot.
     My least favorite part of the 20 time project has been the slowly growing lack of enthusiasm.  This problem used to apply to me as well when I was attempting to make YouTube videos, but that all changed when I started learning guitar.  Also, I really do love playing guitar and hopefully my blogs are somewhat able to express how much I enjoy it.  However, while I may be enjoying my second chance at this project, some of my classmates projects seem to have suffered as time passed (mine included).  To be honest, the last couple weeks this have been much better, but if you look back far enough you should be able to see droughts of excitement in most of my classmates blogs.  For example, back to back weeks of excuses at to why nothing is happening.  Let it be known that I understand that a lack of progress regarding twenty time more than realistic, but nevertheless it really does affects the quality of the blogs produced.  This is a bit hard to explain, but my main point is that considering the lengthy extent of the 20 time project, people will just become less enthusiastic about their project now versus the beginning of the year when there was a lot of hype around this project.     

What would you have done differently with your project?
     If I could go back, I wish I would have set goals for my project.  What I mean is that in my first blog I wish I had said that I want to accomplish this, this, and this by the end of my 20 time project time.  It's truly just a small thing that wouldn't have affected my progress, but I think it would have been cool if I could have used those goals as guidelines toward what I want to become guitar wise.  It also would have kept a deadline in the back of my head, which would have kept me focused on accomplishing those goals.  Bear in mind, the goals could have been anything from learning a specific song, to memorizing my first song, etc.  I hope these answers help you understand a bit more about how I feel about the 20 time project.  


  1. Hi Kyle!

    I actually found your responses quite interesting (maybe it's the teacher in me). You've shared your thoughts and ideas about your experiences thus far, which has given me another perspective into your project.

    When I first heard about what your projects entailed, the first thing I thought of was "I would totally have an excuse to do something I wanted". Too often we don't make the time to pursue our interests, so this project is empowering you to pursue those, as well as learning how to/why it's important.

    As for what you like the least, I agree - the time does seem to be affecting you and others. I know it impacts me when I am working on long term projects as well. You hit the ground running, then the bumps in the road which slow you down, then when the end is in sight you kick it into high gear.

    You still have time to set some goals for yourself. What do you want to accomplish next? Try setting a few goals and see how it works for you. Maybe it will hold you more accountable, motivate you, or keep you on track. What are your short term goals (next few weeks)? What is the end goal? I know you want to learn guitar, but to what extent and by when?

    Keep up the hard work!!

    1. Hi Hayley.
      Sorry about not replying to your other comments. I usually don't check my posts after I write them, but I'll try to do that from now on.
      As for setting myself some goals, I think that's a great idea. Just a couple short term ones would suffice in my opinion, but considering how my blogs will also be focusing on the upcoming TED talk it could get a bit messy. Nevertheless, I'll give it a shot.
      Also, you mentioned you were a teacher. Do you plan to use this project with your students or did you just end up finding my blog on accident? I'm just a bit curious. Anyways, thanks for reading.

  2. Hi,

    No worries! The class I am taking for my masters degree actually had a chance to skype with Mr. P. a few weeks ago. He said that you guys did not know yet that we would be making the weekly commitment to r read and comment on your blogs. I thought he might have tools you by now, but I guess not!

    What is something you want to (or need to ) get done this week for your project? I know i work much better if I have a to do list. Not only does it ensure that I get my work done, but it also keeps me honest. There are always things I don't want to do, but by having them written down, I'm obligated to get them finished.

    As for teaching, I'm a kindergarten teacher in Connecticut. I'm following your blog and a few others as part of my grad school class. This project is intriguing, but not applicable with 5 year olds. I like the concept and if I ever end up in an older grade, it may be something I consider.

    If you need to bounce ideas off someone, blog about it!